The Enneagram Institute of Tampa Bay

Jane W. Hollister, Founder and Director

The study of the Enneagram can open the door to the integration of personality and essence, therefore allowing room for acceptance, compassion and clarity in relationship to self and others."


Discovering Your Personality Type 

An Introduction
to the Enneagram 

A Map for  Insight,
Growth and Change 

Have you ever felt trapped in limiting and self-destructive habits or beliefs? 

Do you have a desire to better understand yourself and others? 

Are you interested in gaining profound insights into human nature? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, the Enneagram of Personality Types can be the tool for you. It is a map of nine core personality types and their interrelationships. By understanding this, you can discover how to change your unwanted beliefs or habits, develop a deeper understanding of who you really are and improve your communication and relationships.


    "The Enneagram has touched my life and my work at a level that continues to be transformative on a daily basis."   
  What are the Nine Personality Types?  
  What Type Are You?  

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Jane W. Hollister, Director
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